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We believe every horse wants to be an agile, adaptable, heroic horse.

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Movement Science

We believed conventional approaches to horse training are in direct conflict with current thinking and practices in movement science. Through a deeper understanding of movement, exercise physiology, and especially motor control and learning, we believed anyone can help a horse recover healthy, happy movement.

Motivation Science

We apply the science of intrinsic motivation to help horses reconnect to their desire to move with joy and power. By tapping into the horse’s internal drive, we help the horses rediscover optimal movement patterns and the love for movement they were born with.


This is not for everyone.

The Intrinzen perspective is against using force to train/produce movement. The powerful effort you see in these horses — from ground work to riding — is the organic side-effect of helping the horse develop autonomy, mastery, and purpose through powerful postures and authentic movements.


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