Free Your Mind

We believe every horse wants to be an agile, adaptable, heroic horse.

The Dream

Every horse deserves the right of consent for how their body is used for human sport.

When the horse is given the right to say "no", the real journey begins. The journey to helping the horse rediscover the movement joy and purpose they were born with.

And when that happens, the horse is able to give an honest, authentic, “yes”.

The Project

Project Proprius is now closed forever. But the spirit and community of Intrinzen lives on forever in those who have chosen the role of sidekick to their heroic horses.

(Members of the original project can still log-in to the course)

If you would like to learn from Steinar Sigurbjörnsson in a clinic, see:

If you would like to learn more from Kathy Sierra, or take an online course, see the PantherFlow site:

This is not for everyone.

The Intrinzen perspective is against using force to train/produce movement. The powerful effort you see in the Intrinzen horses — from ground work to riding — is the organic side-effect of helping the horse develop autonomy, mastery, and purpose through powerful postures and authentic movements.


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