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Enter your name/email to be on the waiting list when the project opens again in late 2017. (Submitting this will also give you IMMEDIATE access to download the latest version of our Posture eBook)

Monthly Video Subscription

Project Proprius is a month-to-month membership to an online video-based learning journey. You can follow the project as long as you like, and cancel at any time. Project Proprius explores the science of movement and motivation, to give you a deep understanding of the why behind alternative training approaches that inspire high performance from a horse without the use of force

Perceptual Eye Training

Train your eye and “feel” with our interactive perceptual learning online web app. Our software was developed to accelerate learning for the technology industry, and it will help experts refine their eye, while helping novices “see” more like experts.

Private Members-only Community

Join us in a private community site just for us. No Facebook, no ads, just a 100% dedicated social community site for discussing, sharing, learning, posting homework assignments and ideas, and meeting like-minded people. You won’t be alone on this journey. Our early pioneers are already there, discussing ideas, solving problems, and helping support one another. You won’t be alone.


Who is it for?

Anyone willing to learn.

From beginners to professional trainers, Project Proprius is about leveling up your knowledge and skills in movement and motivation science. The longer you stay, the deeper you’ll go. It’s your choice. 

Relax and learn

You have nothing to worry about. As a monthly-subscriber, you can cancel your subscription to the project at any time. Our expertise also includes the science of human learning, so we work hard to design a learning experience to help you understand and apply the science topics in an effective, memorable way. 

Be inspired

Let yourself be transported into another world for a few minutes each day, and you’ll find ideas, perspectives, tools, and exercises to help you transform your horse to the incredible, amazing creature you know the horse was born to be.

Be Empowered

Project Proprius is NOT a step-by-step prescription. It is not a program. This project is to help you create your own. Whatever your goals, needs, current and future circumstances, Project Proprius is about giving you a deeper understanding of the remarkable science that has been overlooked and misunderstood in modern horsemanship today. 

Membership NOW CLOSED

Membership NOW CLOSED

Enrollment closes when the project officially begins. Please sign-up (on the form above) for the waiting list if you'd like to be notified when the project re-opens in late 2017!









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